One lucky person gets a chance to fight evil penguins!

So, a while ago I started a game inspired by Falcom's critically acclaimed JRPG, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. However, the people who ended up being involved in it have not proved to be particularly reliable posters, and while I have no intention of archiving their game anytime soon (I know sometimes real life just happens), I did find it sad that such an exciting concept, based on perhaps my favorite game of all times, would languish for weeks on end: I was very pumped up and couldn't wait to run it, so I started to ponder on ideas to have fun with it in some other way, while still waiting for the main group to (hopefully) return to activity.
And then it hit me: for my other Falcom-inspired game, I'm using the "two groups running in parallel" system, so why not do the same here? After all, I already have all the necessary materials ready, so really, running this game for one group, for three or for one hundred really makes no difference for me.

However, if I'm going to start a new group for the same game, then I'm going to shake things up a bit: namely, this time around the second group will not, in fact, be a group. Rather, it will be a solo game, and the chosen player will explicitly be Estelle Bright (if one made by them, which doesn't have to look or act or fight like the one from the source material), running around with her NPC adopted brother, Joshua Bright, under their control: the reason for this is that I really intend to provide a game experience as loyal as possible to the original videogame (which, yes, means that this campaign's big plot twist will be the videogame's big plot twist, so yeah, I dunno how appealing this could be to people who've already played the game).
And speaking of game experience close to that of a JRPG, we're going to use this system: it is essentially Pathfinder, but with a couple clever mods that give the game a more distinctly "videogamey" feeling.

The prompt for creating your character is here, and the rules for creation are here. Once you've read everything, please post a topic with your complete application in this section. In this other section you will find a few useful topics for understanding the setting a bit more.

You are the ideal candidate for this game if
- You're open-minded to the idea of mixing up PF elements with JRPG elements
- You can guarantee that you will post with reasonable regularity, and you won't just vanish into thin air
- You see roleplaying as a way of cooperating to enjoy a narrative, rather than as a vehicle for min-maxing and "I just want to kill things"

You will particularly enjoy this game if
- You've never played the actual videogame this idea is based on
- You enjoy the idea of interacting with and recruiting NPCs, and having multiple characters under your control during combat
- You can't wait to get the opportunity to fight evil penguins

If I've managed to grab your attention with this, then give this game a chance! It being a solo game, I intend to have a quick application process, but it will mainly depend on how much interest I will get, and how many quality apps will be posted. For now, let's say that this ad will stay open for two weeks.