Reborn Earth, Call for aid

Static surges occur as a young man with blue hair on the screen but the image flickers and shifts as the transmission seems to be from old technology

"Is this thing on? Come on tell me this thing is working." He would sigh "well here's go nothing." He would look at the screen "Anyone who can hear this message, My name is Jin White of Moonstall and we got an emergency, there's a bunch of Undead Rebirth and their advanced tech pounding on our city doors. My friends and I have done what we could to try and help prepare for the attack after we got a divine warning that they were coming. However there's this Gadget Bot Guy driving one of their giant weapons who leading the attack and he's taking no prisoners. I swear I didn't know spying on the factory would piss the guy off."

A explosion would be heard in the background followed by panicked people and other noises

"Shit, they've breached the wall. I better get to my spot for the internal defense. Anyone who's out there, be warned, Rebirth has returned!" He would go off screen with the camera with placing down the camera and showing a ground view with Jin running down the street and then a towering shadow of some sort of giant construct

~~~ End of Transmission ~~~

Heyo Players, SMARTAgentKC here

Welp we've had some real fun down here on Reborn Earth but I've been having people ghost and I've received requests for recruiting more people especially for the Divine Warning Mission who is down to two PCs and they are preparing to face a big boss level encounter (the scene above is somewhat linked to that as sort of an storyline version of that.)

So recruitment has opened up again, DnD Fifth Edition, Level 6 Gestalt, with a lot of freedom in terms of available resources and homebrew. You can find all details in character creation but if you are creating a character please do not post in any of the adventure topics, there's a general OOC for all questions,