Dark Sun Module - Black Flames!

The Sand BeckonsLooking for four to six players for a Dark Sun Adventure (slightly revised!) using the Pathfinder System. Preservers and Defliers, Psions and strange magics, sand and waste lands under the Dark Athenian Sun.

Not promising a long campaign, this is a revised, expanded, play-through of the Black Flames Module. You are caravan guards (supposedly) that get trapped into a web of intrigue and deceit. But who is deceiving who? We will be leveling up at select times in the story, and starting (as is tradition) at 3rd level.

No experience required in Dark Sun, but previous play of Pathfinder is helpful since that is our system. Familiarity with Dark Sun will help you navigate the cross-over rules. Expect to post 2 to 3 times a week. Once we start it will likely take a few months of play.

DetailsCharacter Creation: Head over here for character creation guidelines. I have linked some rules and background sources for Dark Sun and Pathfinder-Dark Sun.

Applications: Post your characters here. 3rd level! But feel free to post 1 and talk through it!

Deadlines: Planning on completing your application by Nov 5. With play to start soon after. I may have four days of travel around then for work.