The Earl Needs Your Help!

Strange things are afoot in the lands surrounding the village of Grimmskeep. You and your companions have been sent by his Lordship, the Earl Faevrun, to explore and deal with what you find there. The Earl's heir, the Lady Rowenna, is missing, and there are strange rumors surrounding her disappearance. You have been entrusted by the Earl to act in his name to resolve the situation as quickly and discretely as possible.

Posting Requirements: This depends a bit on how often players can log in and review, but I would hope at least one post every other day, with weekends being optional. As a DM, I will be ready to post daily, but I know RL can interfere, especially with the holidays soon approaching.

Setting: This is a homebrewed one-shot set in a Faerunian-type world setting.

Game type: Primarily, I expect the game will focus on exploration and combat, though there will be elements of social gaming and roleplay throughout. The game will not have a dark fantasy, grim focus, though there will be some darker horror elements from time to time.

Character Creation Rules: Here

House Rules: Here

Submission Process:
  1. Create a thread with the PC name, race, and class
  2. Use this template to outline the primary elements of your character
  3. Add a link to a completed MW character sheet
  4. Add a reply to the character creation sheet that addresses the elements of the second post mentioned in the character creation rules.
  5. When you feel that your submission is complete and ready for review, post a second reply indicating it is ready.
  6. If there are any edits or comments, address them and the submission is completed.
  7. Use the OOC thread for questions about character creation.
  8. Applications that don't include all these elements will not be considered.

Selection Criteria: I will be selecting 5 PCs that I think will complement each other's strengths and roles. Priority will be given to character uniqueness, quality of development, and the responses to the supplemental questions. Enrollment will remain open until I have found these individuals.

A little about me...This will be my first time DMing a game here at the Weave. I have played several PbP games on other sites, but wanted to see what it was like here. I have been playing D&D since AD&D and 2e first came out, which dates me a bit. It is rare to find me without at least several different novels or series open on my phone; I am always reading.