City of Mist: Inemouth Island

A little dark, a little funny, and more than a little dramatic. I try to keep things feeling grounded, but expect to see some weird stuff and things that break the rules. Heroes are better when they're flawed and personal connections make them feel real.

Check out the Character Creation Thread and make a submission in the Applicant group. I have no real preference for characters. Please try to post once a day or once every few days.

You are the driving force for your story, but expect things to happen around you. In addition to the major event, which is currently the various Lords gearing up for all out war, there will be a few other similar groups running around and having their own adventures. Perfect for Crew standoffs, possible allies, and maybe even relationship interests.

There are a few key differences between Inemouth and the standard City of Mist. The first is the Mist itself. While still mysterious and possibly supernatural, its known to the general public as a hallucinogen and possibly responsible for creating mutations in the local wildlife. Most throw in a few other sciency sounding words.

Character Creation is a little different and there are a few new rules there, so please check them out in that thread.

Lords and Fractures are two new elements of the story. Lords are inherently no more powerful than any other Rift, but have the ability to imbue others with power. Their most common Mythos are as leaders of a group or the group itself, like the Argonauts. Fractures are what you get when a Mythos comes into being without a host. They're weaker than the average Rift, but still very dangerous and very single minded.