Opening Arelis: The Kingdom of the Empty Throne

From all walks of life, all corners of the Kingdom of Kantrias, people have come.

Riding in the mighty airships that are now the pride and joy of Kantrias's magical and technological achievement, colonists, explorers and soldiers have crossed the vast, deadly heat of the Glass Desert and come to that great ruin on the edge of the Canyon of Ghosts. To Arelis. To the Kingdom of The Empty Throne.

Once the heart of the greatest Empire - at the time, anyway - to grace the continent of Bayetz, Arelis fell over 1,500 years ago. Internal strife, shrinking oases and shifting trade patterns tore away at the heart of the city and its extensive holdings - and then, one day, silence. The city of Arelis was empty and closed, the gates sealed by a magic so great no one has been able to break it. Secret tunnels remain functional into and out of the city - and all reports, through all the ages, suggest a city empty of life save for animals and what plants could survive in the desert and among the worst, sand drakes and glass scarabs, beasts with a venom that will often drive its victim mad - leaving most reports that have come from expeditions to Arelis rambling messes at best.

But now, with the entire weight of the Crown of Kantrias, the weight of the most powerful nation currently on Bayetz, Arelis may be reclaimed. Already some 20,000 people have settled in the forts outside the walls of the city, and though food and water are a thin lifeline, reliant on magic and constant imports as much as anything else, there is a hope. A hope... and an apprehension.

Arelis has become known as the Kingdom of the Empty Throne, a mocking title, legends suggesting that the city be cursed or damned, that to try and rule Arelis will only rebound in failure and ruin. The Queen of Kantrias seems determined to take that chance.

And you, among so many others, are here in Arelis. For whatever reason - to explore the ruins and uncover the past, to seek danger in the 'cursed' land for the sake of danger, perhaps just to get rich, or even possibly on the orders of another.

Arelis has been Opened, the Gates once long sealed now standing to allow entry, but there is a difference between Opening Arelis physically, and truly opening the city, the ruins, the great magical empire that straddled the continent and died a mysterious death.

The ruins of Arelis have only begun to be opened. But perhaps some things were best left closed. On the other hand, perhaps some things need to see the light of day, sooner or later, whatever the cost.


This is a reboot of my previous Opening Arelis Game, which failed due to unforseen RL circumstances on my end and to a somewhat flawed choice in initial design. Also, just the standard entropy of online play and lost players. I've corrected for the flaws in design, I am in a much more secure place RL-wise for ensuring continued play, and while the entropy of online play is always a risk, I have some ideas on how to try to prevent it, but also - if we never tried for a game for fear of entropy, we'd never play anything ever.

Opening Arelis is a Campaign for 7th level characters. It begins with the various characters engaging in their own (or as pairs or smaller groups) stories, but coming together and splitting apart, exploring the world and engaging with the stories happening in and around the colony, the ruins and the desert beyond, and as events in the ruins and in the colony pick up pace, a much wider scope opens and up and begins. It is a Steampunk-ish game set on the frontier, in the desert, where modern technology and ancient magic come together to shape the future of the world.

Opening Arelis is a game with a fairly idiosyncratic setting - there are only six playable races for this game, and only three of them are of the traditional seven (Human, Dwarves and Half-Elves, though Half-Elves are called 'Elfbloods' and have a slightly different origin). The other three are Dhampirs, Lizardmen and Shadiran. Further, because of the different nature of the universe and the particularities of the Kingdom of Kantrias, many classes and archetypes are not allowed or are restricted in some fashion. That does mean this may not be the game for everyone.

There's a lot of setting details to be read as well - while I don't expect anyone to have it memorized, I do expect at least a good skim over by prospective players, and people whose applications show they've done the reading will get a leg up on others. I'm looking for people interested in a largely serious game, with deep characterization and exploration of the setting and story.

The applications period will extend until at least 6/21/2019 and possibly longer, given the sheer amount of lore I am throwing at everyone - I will announce at least 5 days ahead of time what the end of the application period will be. I will be accepting 4 additional players, as a handful of players from the last time have been grandfathered in and are pre-approved after expressing an interest to join the revival when I reached out to them.

The Applications Subforum is located here and the Setting Information Subforum is located here