More 'runners needed.

Even stranger things are taking place in the Seattle of 2072. Shortly after a mysterious incident involving 10-meter circles of freeway disappearing with everything in them, one of the most respected Fixers in the Metroplex, Valerie Dark-Sky, started asking around her mid-range 'runners if anyone wanted a shot at the real 'big time'.

You must want that shot, because here you are.
MechanicsThis is a Shadowrun 4th Edition Anniversary game. PCs are built using 500 points, anything goes. Application details are here.

The resources for this game, detailing the major information that is unique to this campaign, are here.

House Rules and Posting Standards are here.

In play, I only expect a post every 3 to 4 days, although you will likely get a reply back from me faster than that unless I am waiting on other Players. Please stick to posting in the Application folder (although feel free to read anywhere else) until you are selected to be a Player. Do be warned that I will be taking advice from the current three Players on whom to select. Feel free to post questions to me or the current Players in the Application OOC.