Recruiting replacement players Exalted 2.5 Mortals Game

We've had a few players drop out, so I'm reopening the advertisement. Players are Mortals, and there is no intent to ever have anyone Exalt up. We currently have two active players, and I'm looking for three to four others.

The "Empire" of Hon has been beset by rebellion in the eastern marches, and the rebels have taken hold of one of the great fortresses there, and laid siege to another. Both fortresses date back to the High First Age, the captured one is a Fortress Manse, the other just a great fortress built in the time of the Solars. One of the players is in command of a mercenary force, subbed to the actual commander of the task force sent to help break the siege at the normal fortress. They had to stop over in a small village due to weather causing some significant health issues on the march from the capital city of Honsunai, and have just dealt with a couple raiders against the village.

New players would be joining in along the route, or as part of the siege of the fortress of Hu Zan. Members of the military, nobility, and citizenry are going to be present plus there are always mercenaries that show up, because a battle is brewing, hoping to get hired by one side or another. If you create an application quickly enough, you can be a member of the village of Ketta Kalutai, the last outpost of Honese control before reaching the lands controlled by the rebels.

Drop a line, and come join in!