The Isle of Dread

You have all heard of it.

The Isle of Dread.

An island said to be at the edge of the world. An island that is as cloaked in mystery as it is steeped in dread. Once, many hundreds of thousands of years ago, a powerful civilisation was said to live on the Island. A place that was rumoured to not only be technologically advanced, but magically beyond anything the world has ever seen before.....and seen since. Flying steam-powered airships were said to be common place in this world, and factories dedicated to Gond the Wondermaker created all sorts of mechanical items and creations that have long been lost, along with the knowledge of how to create them.

One day, the island was destroyed under a magical cataclysm that devastated all those who lived on the surface and sank it under the waves, its mysteries and wonders lost with it. The Island of Tamoachan, as it was once called, was wiped off the surface of the world and its name eventually lost to the annals of time.

An age has passed since the Island of Tamoachan was last seen, however rumours persist of a deserted island at the very edge of the world. An island that houses on it the ruins and skeleton of a civilisation and the technology it had once created.

Yet getting there will not be an easy task.

All ocean voyages are fraught with peril, yet a voyage to the infamous Isle of Dread might seem to some to be a deliberate goading of the gods of the sea. Many of those who have attempted the voyage before and managed to return from it often choose not to speak of the trials they experienced on the dangerous route, yet those who lips can be loosened by a draught of grog whisper amazing stories......tales of pirates, sea monsters, terrifying storms, and perhaps most harrowing of all, of a strange and sinister land without land, a floating graveyard of dead ships mired in a sargasso the size of an island.

This place has many names, but its most well-known may be its most apt -- Journey's End.


A Modest Proposal

You all have experience of the sea. You may have sailed as part of the same crew, you may not have -- it is immaterial. What is indisputable though is the simple fact that you have spent far far too long locked on-shore in the port city of Baldur's Gate, for one reason or another.

However, during your time on-shore, you have not been idle. Each of you has performed one heroic and notable act during your time in the city, and word of your exploits have reached the ears of one of the noble families of Baldur's Gate. A rising noble within the Gate, the Lady Lavinia Vanderboren has heard of you and your acts, and it so happens that she needs a crew.

A crew that will man her ship, the Sea Wyvern, on a very special journey -- one that will take you further than you have ever been before to a land that is, at best, uncharted and, at worst, deadly.

Lavinia wants to put her name on the map once and for all. She wants to succeed where none have gone before.

She wishes to colonise the Isle of Dread, and for that, she needs not just a crew -- she needs the best.