The Big Bad Black

The 'Verse can be a nasty, unforgiving place. It can be real easy to lose yourself, much less simply get lost. For the most part it's big and it's black - not much to look at, but plenty hiding out there that'll snatch the life out of you. But every now and then there's a shining beacon of hope. You just got to keep flying, friend.

The Big Bad Black

Setting: The year is 2520. It's been two years since Malcolm Reynolds broadcast the recording of the Alliance survey team from Miranda to every planet known to man. The impact was not like a freight train as some might have expected. Instead, it was more like a cut from a poisoned blade. The pain was brief and the Alliance did a good job at covering up and dismissing the 'wound', but the poison was introduced to the system and is slowly beginning to spread. The Core worlds that have benefited the most from the Alliance have now begun to question, albeit quietly, the methods the Alliance enacts to achieve its goals. The Border worlds have begun to whisper of independence and a new civil war. The Rim worlds continue to operate as they have, mostly ignorant of the broadcast with folks just trying to survive or make some money as quickly (and effortlessly) as possible.

You are a member of a small, independent crew seeking the next big break.

System: Serenity RPG (Cortex)

Applicable Books: Core Book, Six-Shooters & Spaceships, Big Damn Heroes, Out in the Black

Number of Players: Four or Five (Accepting Two to Three)

PLEASE NOTE: The game already has two accepted players (a captain and a mechanic) and a ship. While you character may share some of the same skills, it is advised you do not apply for a character whose primary focus fits one of these concepts. Additionally, please do not be afraid or concerned that these players have any priority or sway over this game than you might - they merely encouraged me to develop and run the game and, as such, were offered initial spots of their choosing.

Application Process: Characters will be selected based upon a background/concept submission. Only after acceptance will sheets need to be developed. A more detailed synopsis of the application process is available here.

Application Deadline: Midnight, Tuesday, October 31

What I Expect Of You
  • Players do not need to have any experience with Serenity RPG or Cortex. However, you should have a passing familiarity with the theme and concepts presented in the Firefly TV Series and Serenity movie.
  • I have a formatting style I like that I do not believe is too onerous on folks (see here). I would like everyone to use it.
  • You should be respectful of other players and the game itself. This means no undue/harsh criticism of players and their choices, notifying the game when you have an extended leave of absence, and being an all around good sport.
  • Be willing to follow the game and post regularly with content. In some instances, the game may require rapid fire postings between select characters, but for the most part, you should be able to react in each round of poses. You do not need to write a novel or be profound in your speech (idly picking your nose can and will suffice), but I expect all players to react instead of "pass".
  • Most importantly, I want all of us to have fun. I hope this game will be challenging at times, but in the end, we're here to have fun. If you aren't having fun, please let me know and if there is something I can do to make the game more appealing to you, I will.

What You Can Expect From Me
  • I do not claim to be an expert in Firefly/Serenity. If you see I did something wrong, please respectfully point it out to me. (Book citations or references also help in this.) Sometimes, however, I may make temporary or permanent modifications to the rules to help the story flow. In the end, my word as the GM is law. You may disagree, but I will not tolerate players sabotaging the game because they cannot abide by my choices.
  • Like most of you, this is a welcome distraction for me. However, this is not my entire life and sometimes I just do not have the energy or time to respond in short order. That said, I will endeavor to keep the game moving at a casual pace. Depending on the complexity of the game at any given time, you can expect two or three posts from me per week on average.
  • Stories may require a little "railroading" from me at the beginning to get you all into the setting. However, once the stories are underway, I turn the reigns over to you as players to explore at your leisure.
  • For a sample of my style, please checkout my ongoing L5R Game "Of Snakes and Hounds":