Steampunk Mars - Recruitment Thread

This is a steampunk game, set on Mars in an alternate 1921. Technology is steam-powered and clockwork; gleaming brass and intricate cogwheels replace plastic and electronics. Space travel is set at TL5+4; the British Empire favours Nikola Tesla's elegant Ethercraft - sealed wooden ships sailing the void under sails crackling with a cold blue energy - while the United States prefers Edison's Electro-Magnetocraft, using pulsed electromagnets to repel the magnetic field of one world while attracting another.

Other technology is lower, averaging TL5+2, while weapons technology is TL5+3.

The general attitude of the world has not really changed in the last forty years; Victorian attitudes still hold, at least for those born and bred in the British Empire. Americans are still brash and loud - not much change there, apparently. Other nations are desperately playing catch-up with begged, borrowed or stolen technology with which to reap the riches of Mars.

I will be accepting about 6 players.

Characters will start with 175 points, with -50 points in disadvantages, and -5 in Quirks.
Specific disadvantages which require dramatic behaviour may (given GM permission) be taken over the -50.

Cinematic advantages will be allowed on a case by case basis.

Direct all questions to the GM.