Flow Without Ceasing: A Hudson Horror Story

Flow Without Ceasing

"Upstate Unnatural" is a small youtube program that explores the paranormal legends of Upstate New York. It pays for itself through monetization, plus Patreon. It’s not much, but it’s yours.

You and your friends/partners have been running UU for about five years now. You’ve chased bigfoot through the Adirondacks (it turned out to be a rather surprised hiker), poked through the stone chambers of Putnam county, tried to record the sound of the Seneca Guns, visited the haunted sites along the Erie Canal and researched the Indian Lake Project Conspiracy.

It’s been fun. Not lucrative, but fun. But all good things have to end, right? Ad-pocolypse and changes in Patreon policies are making it harder to pay the bills. Paying for gas, time and equipment isn’t cheap. Maybe it’s time to end things. Maybe not.

Some of you are looking for something big, something that will bring in enough money to bankroll the show for a bit longer. Others of you are looking to end the show with a bang. Still others are looking for that one find that will finally prove the skeptics wrong. Regardless, you’re all looking for one more really impressive project.

And then the phone rings.

Investigating a haunted lighthouse? One with some interesting history? And one with a client offering to pay expenses? This might be it. This might be the big show.

And it might be the last show. One way or another.