Looking to run a 5th edition solo game

This game is being run in a homebrew gameworld I've spent decades working on. It was originally designed for 2nd edition, then upgraded to Pathfinder, and now I run it in 5th edition. I'm happy to switch back to Pathfinder is applicants prefer that. There are few game rules and context specific to my world, which can be found in the races and classes section. Additionally, I have a lot of background information on this gameworld, some of which is provided here. I'm providing this because I want a rich role-playing experience. Feel free to ask questions about what I'm expecting from the game.

I will consider the ad closed on November 22.

Players: 1

Starting at 1st level.

I'm not a big rules horse. The rules only provide the physics and boundaries for role-playing.

My posting rate will vary from once a week to a couple of times a day, depending on my own level of busyness, writers block, moving the plot forward, and the nature of the posts. Please make sure that that will work for you.

Please post your applications in the game forum and NOT as responses to this thread. Use the thread helpfully titled "Applications Here"

However, please post all clarifications and questions to this thread and save the game forum thread for final applications only.



Other races will be considered, but I prefer the standard ones.

Classes (written for Pathfinder or 5th Edition)

Other classes, including hybrids, will always be considered, so long as I have access to a description.


Full size version of the continental map – very big file

Link to Gameworld Encyclopedia

Link to Gameworld Timeline

Link to the Nine Scrolls of the Titan Gulnaqsh, the holy text of the Mysticians. It is a work in progress and may be edited.

Gods of Arelas. This is more detailed introduction to the religions than the text box above. It is a work in progress and may be edited.

The nations of Morean Island. A work in progress.