Ten factions, one city: which side are you on?

Seriously, what is it that people find so fascinating about the idea of an entire world consisting of one huge city, that encompasses entire environments? Isaac Asimov entertained the idea in multiple books, there is of course Coruscant in the Star Wars series and then, in the acclaimed collectible card game Magic: The Gathering, there is Ravnica. As it happens, the story of MtG takes place on multiple different planes of existence, and when new cards are released they're organized into sets, each based on a specific plane seen in the story. To this day, Ravnica is the plane with the second greatest amount of sets based in it, so that alone should be a testament to its popularity... And well, such a huge popularity of Ravnica among MtG fans is the reason why we're here today.

Because you see, the company that makes MtG is the same one that makes D&D and so, in order to celebrate Ravnica and its popularity, they decided to release a spin-off book called The Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica, which allows us D&D players to convert every single aspect of the life on the plane into 5e rules, and play a campaign in it.
And I'll be honest, that book is... By God. Even without knowing the first thing about MtG or Ravnica, that book is one of the coolest things ever released fot D&D, the sheer amount of juicy details it provides, the options it offers to players, the flavor it gives to the setting and to any campaign that takes place in it: the only other 5e book I can remember being so enthusiastic about is XGE.

So of course I felt the need of running a campaign in it and thus, after a topic in the brainstorming section made me realize that there was a lot of interest in Ravnica building around the forum, this game saw the light. To make a long story short, Ravnica is an immense city that is governed by ten guilds, and these ten guilds act like siblings: you know how siblings are part of the same family and ultimately care for one another, and yet for some reason not a single day goes by without them fighting and bickering over something petty? Yeah, that's life on Ravnica in a nutshell: all ten guilds believe in the necessity of making the city the best place it ould be for its inhabitants, but each believes in very different methods of accomplishing that, and so they end up clashing with one another all the time. Strenuously, in some cases.
Your characters, being only level 3, are still pretty new to all this: it wasn't long ago when their respective guilds scouted them, and so now they need to work hard in order to make a name for themselves in their factions of choice. Circumstances will arise that will force them to set aside their differences and work together, despite the clashing ideologies of the guilds they each belong to.

The character creation rules are here.
The prompt as to how your characters will get to meet each other and work together, despite being from different guilds, is here.
The most important things you need to know in order to create an effective character that fits the setting can be found here.
A bunch of useful topics that will help you figure out a number of things can be found here.
Some of those post might prove to be very long reads, but I strongly recommend you read them nonetheless, ESPECIALLY if you know nothing about MtG and/or Ravnica. I put a lot of effort in providing you literally all the info you might require, to the point that you don't even need to actually own the GGR in order to play in this (but I still recommend you get it, it's that good).

I'm looking for a party of 4 (FOUR) people, and I'll be careful to have them be in the traditional roles of tank/BSF, skirmisher/skill monkey, arcane caster, and healer. Ideally, each party member should be from a different guild.
Application process will last for two or three weeks, depending on how many quality apps I get and how long it takes to get them.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your guild and join the fray!