Age of Heroes the Original in Search Of

This is -- Age of Heroes -- the original one (in case you saw the other add)

I am in search of one quality player willing to step in and fill a pair of shoes already designed and ready for play.

The character is a female Federal Agent of a sorts turned super hero having just recently gotten powers in a world where super types did not exists until well now -- she is a "Teleporter" think Portal but only she and what she carries can go through the portals and she can stick them in space and she does it without a Portal gun. Further she can reach through smaller portals to grab preattuned equipment from preset locations think a sort of super utility belt of normal and/or slightly superior to normal equipment -- so no super devices but a L.A.W. is fine for instance.

The game is MnM PL10 a bit darker PG18 theme but only as needed sticking more closer to a PG13 theme. The game had some slight restrictions but since the character is already designed and has been played these restrictions should be of no consequence as they will not affect you but just in case its a big deal there were some restrictions on character building (ask if it concerns you) -- but as I said the character is built and ready for play.

There are several other active and friendly players in the game posting rate is about 2-3 times a week and there is story content to occupy you as well.

Some kind of writing sample showing me you can role role play a fairly serious female character is all I really need that and a willingness to be friendly and active in the game.