Mutant Year Zero: The Dead Apple

The Dead Apple

This used to be a great city, yeah? Once upon a time. Now it’s all ruins running with kudzu like great hands trying to pull what’s left of the buildings down. But they ain’t pulled all the buildings down yet. This city still has some fight in her. They
called it the New City, leastways that’s what I heard. Who knows. So long ago now, yeah? In the middle of it all is a place we call The Zone Swamps. I been told this place used to be where people went running and ate outside. Neither sounds safe in a swamp, but maybe people back then were crazy. They did blow up the world after all.

There’s rumors that say a cult lives somewhere inside, yeah? But who’s going to go and see? I’m crazy, but I’m not
stupid. Gators out there twelve feet long if they’re a foot. No lie. I know a fella that hunts them. Well…he used to. Don’t nobody know him anymore. Among the big old buildings hulking against the night is Death Tower. This building must once
have dwarfed everything around it. Biggest thing I seen in my life. No lie. Its upper floors are collapsed and the great beast is spilling moss like she’s crying, yeah. It’s home to a gang you don’t want to tussle with. They’re called The Death Tower Boys and, after they kill you, they’ll eat your brain to absorb your power.

They ain’t the smartest people in the city, so I don’t think it works for them. Getting out of the city across all that water,
you use the Bridge, see? But the people there have themselves a toll. There’s some that say ancient machines used to carry people across the Bridge, but you know how people talk. Anyway, it’s one of the few structures that, praise to the Gods, remained largely intact. The Bridge is a thriving community of folk living that civilized way of life so many of us
done forgot. They grow their own food and barter with the outside. Don’t go thinking you’re gonna steal from them though. Bridgers have a defensive militia. I mean, look at it, it’s a bridge, yeah? There’s only two ways on. That’s pretty easy to defend. Many a group has tried, and failed, to take the bounty the Bridgers have made for themselves. Bridgers take care of each other.

Out there in the water is the Fallen Lady. She’s got all these spikes on her head. No one can tell you for sure why. Today, she lies partly in a great bay, but some bits of her can be reached. You can go inside if the people who live there let you. Call themselves Lighthouse Keepers, though I ain’t never seen a lighthouse. They’re a crazy bunch. Don’t argue too much
with them, yeah? At night, The Lady’s torch is lit by large fires to warn oncoming ships that they are about to enter an area where ruined buildings could rip their hulls and sink them like stones. There’s salvagers that’ll hope that very thing happens.

Not for nothing, but Walled Island is the most fortified place in the city. Walled Island is out in the water, some say it always was. Pirates are there. Powerful ones that’ll cut your head off for a scrap of copper. Descended from nasty pieces of work and ruled by a crazy man called “Calico Jack,” this small city is one place you need to stay away from. No lie.

That’s the main sites. I mean most of the place is underwater right? Had to be one hell of city back when things were good, and we weren’t killing each other for food. Those must have been some fat days indeed, yeah?

Hey Everyone,

Mutant Year Zero is a post apocalyptic survival game about an Ark of Super powered Mutants who are forced to suddenly start exploring the world around them while fighting for control of the Ark at home. Players will help decide where in the Ark is located, what form it takes, who are the major players, and what resources the Ark has at its disposal. Given that players will find their characters rely on the Ark it means they’ll get caught up in the defense and politics of the Ark.

Mutant: Year Zero ensures this by insisting that relationships are mapped out at character generation both to each other and the members of the Ark. PCs are created not just with relationships to other PCs but one hate and one protect relationship with NPCs.

The Game focuses on the search for Eden (A lost city of wonder) and on exploration of the Zone around the ark, with plenty of dangers, adversaries, and allies to be found.

In addition, with the add on of other books, Mutant Animals have been added. Anthropomorphize animals who have become sentient as a result of human experimentation who also exist in the zone. These will be playable characters, a small spliter group who has joined the ark and much like above will represent a small faction within their number.


Applicants should submit a character sheet including a brief background and a random roll for mutation using a d66 if a mutant or choosing their animal powers if they are a mutant animal. I have a strong preference towards mutants over mutant animals as they currently represent a small minority of the Ark's population.

Also keep in mind that you will be generating NPCs with the NPCs you hate and love, feel free to be creative in your invention of these other inhabitants of the Ark.

Character Creation Deadline will be the 17th.

Posting Rate

I am looking for about 5 posts a week, with no expectations on posting on the weekends (I am unavailable).

The Ark

The details of the Ark will be decided by the successful applicants, but if you have good ideas please feel free to through them in the OOC chat to help gel ideas about where the Ark should be located on the map and what form it can take.