Rise of the True Heros

Welcome to the beginning of your journey. This is a Pathfinder gestalt game. It is 25 point buy. It will be starting off at level 7. I will include people at higher levels if game is going and they join later on. This will be fast paced, so at least 3 times a week necessary to get in. anyone that can't be here for that, please check ahead and make sure you can be. Will not tolerate people saying they cant be here for games after acceptance too many times. If you have a busy schedule then dont apply. I will need players to be here. This game will go on beyond level 20+ if I have players around willing to do so. This will be Epic progression, so 3ed not 3.5 epic will be used. No mythic, this will be 3ed converted to PF for PF gestalts. since you're PF's theres no real need for 3.5 anyways. So remember, Epic levels NOT mythics rules will be used. Care races from PF only. And all classes from Core,Base,Hybrid,Occult and Psionics will allowed. Also the ninja will be allowed plus all their 3pp archtypes. Plus all archetypes that come with the Psionics classes will be ok too. No other 3pp content will be allowed. Dont worry, magical items will popping up like popcorn. I'm not stingy. You will become rich. And you will be going into other planes, as in Astral plane, Heaven,Hell Elemental plane of Fire and whatnots. No, you will not have the luxury of spelljammers, so be ready for action in the astral plane. You like githyanki? They like you. though not in the way some of you might be thinking. This is for serious players, looking for a game to dive into and can roam around in. I have all the time in the world to be around. So there wont be any "Oh, I have to to blah bah blah and do this, so game gone now". I can be here 7 days a week, 27 hours a day. So once we get 6 players, we will determine what days and times are best. Remember, you gotta be here to play. to many tardies and you'll be replaced. this is fast moving and immersive type gaming. Old school style nerdery. Also, its level 2 not level 1 like below.