Blood of the Covenant: A Witching Tale

Greetings Human!

If you're reading this you're probably interested as many folks are in playing a witcher, in The Witcher Pen and Paper roleplaying game.

Well I have good news. Three of you lucky applicants will be selected to play in this dark, rich, and in my opinion exhilarating world. The only thing between you and this lofty position is crafting an interesting story, one that is both current, relevant, and politically juicy would be preferred.

If you're into this game for a hack and slash monster hunt, I've got some bad news for you, I'm not trying to emulate the feel of the video game. As with most media, and readers, few are as capable at making you feel as the written forms of it. So, I will be heavily basing our interactions off the books.

There will be plenty of "down" time. And by that I mean, time where you're not hunting a monster. Of course, life in the world of The Witcher, wouldn't allow for you to actually do anything boring, and Chaos is hunting you, personally, with a vendetta.

I plan on engaging in the tropes set in the books, that is to say, you may beg and gnash your teeth for the security of a tavern, but you'll never be able to finish your drink before something happens that pulls you out of being idle.

There are no moral lessons to teach from this game, and if you're expecting to be heroic, expect to be disappointed, this world doesn't need a hero it needs a professional. Everyone, wants a piece of the Witchers, and to pull them from their vaunted neutrality.

I intend on running this as a limited grouping game. You may be actors working in the same country, but it is unlikely you will work together, for indeed it is your political opinions that will make you a legend. And in the course of these pursuits, you will find yourself at odds with the world, and possibly those you called friend.

What I need, is a positive thinker. You needn't be a happy person, but someone who can weather defeat without being destroyed by it. Someone who can fail forward. And still be a team player, without a team supporting them is what is needed.

Fear not though, you're playing something considered by most a dangerous remorseless psychopath, and violence is an effective solution to most things. So is magic! And there is one rule that governs both. "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Prepare yourself Griffon, you are about to make history.