Wrath of the Kobolds

Hey gals and guys, this ad is for Cut to the Chase Games adventure series, Wrath of the Kobolds. The adventure has inspiration from nuances from old D&D adventures. A group of four characters will go from simple travelers to heroes in their own right. We'll start with the prelude to the series called Night of the Mad Kobold then finishing with the Revenge of the Over-Kobold. How will your characters fare against the Kobold menace in this classic feeling adventure?

What I am looking for is four to possibly six players to complete this series. I have always started it up but never gotten passed the first module so I am hoping to change that. Characters will start off as level one and may end the adventure around fourth or fifth level. If everyone enjoys the game and wishes to use their characters again, I have a continuation in mind. But that's me getting a head of myself. With this game I am only looking for Paizo classes (including the 3rd pp Antipaladin archetype, Dark Angel that lets you play as a good aligned Antipaladin) and that does include the Occult classes, Shfiter, and the Vigilante. And props to you if you can pull off vigilante. Look into the Character Application thread for more details.

Your adventure will start in the town of Cresthill governed by a prestigious gnomish family for generations called House of Kelver. The town sits on the Greywand river allowing the town to be a prominent trading hub. But tonight is a celebration of the youngest of House Kelver turning 50. The town is known for their fireworks and they mean to put on a show. And given the occasion, many of the guardsmen are stationed at the House of Kelver's residence enjoying the spoils of the party. Surely nothing could ruin this night of celebration.