A Writing Partnership Proposal!

Hello, fellow Weavers!

Thanks for checking out my thread! DMing is hard work, isn't it? Sometimes your players don't drive the story in the direction you want it to go. Sometimes no one bites when you pitch a new game or setting. Sometimes your players just don't seem thoroughly invested! And heck, even playing is hard work—some DMs have a style that doesn't jive with yours, maybe you feel like the other players in the game step on your toes, or maybe your game stepped away from your expectations. I'm here to offer a proposal!

I've been playing PBP for almost a year and have learned so much. In that time, I've played mostly one-DM-one-player campaigns (both as DM and player) with 5E, and I have found the experience rewarding and wish to replicate it with other posters. As such, I'm looking for one or two people who would be interested in a reciprocal posting relationship. That is, Player A is the DM for Player B's game, and Player B is the DM for Player's A game in turn.

In this case, if I am Player A, then I’m looking for a Player B. That means there should be an interest in playing and DMing two separate games.

Why is there only one player and one DM? Because in my experience, accountability, personalization, and investment is inversely proportional to the number of players. With multiple people, there is great reward in cooperating with others, but I’ve found it difficult to recruit people who are all on the same level (be it capability, availability, interest, etc.). If two posters are of a single mind and same goal, expectations are matched and the game can thrive. However, I will say I’m open to a two-player/one-DM game if some of you folks fit the bill.

Which system will be used? Currently, I only have experience with 5E and I’m only comfortable working with that. I am amenable to homebrew of all varieties, though. That means science fiction, gun-toting, psionic-based, and rulebooks using imported settings. As long as the chassis remains 5E, I can work with whatever you throw at me. This also means I'm open to playing non-WOTC settings, including a world you're developing or some game/movie/book setting you're interested in.

Here's what I'm looking for in a writing partner, as well as what I’m offering in return. Most of these points should align with your own interests if this is to work out.

1. You must want to tell a story. Many of you are creative and need an outlet, and I hope this is suitable to that end. Think about what you want to express as a writer. Whether you're the DM or the player in a particular game, you should want to help build or explore the world you're in and the themes present in it. This means some level of collaboration between us will have to take place—we want a story both of us want to partake in. This doesn't mean the plot needs to spoiled or the ending known, but the direction should be agreeable to both parties. To put it another way, you need to be my target audience as much as I should be yours.

2. You should have consistent quality writing. You don't have to be the next Hemingway or Faulkner, but effort is noted. Not every post has to be a novel; still, endeavor to make a post you'd be proud to share with others. Think quality over quantity, although a quality quantity is greatly appreciated. If you have a love for writing and want to hone your craft, consider this practice with some feedback: I’ll be your beta reader, in effect. I'm receptive to literary critique and I am more than happy to share my thoughts on your writing in return. Good writers learn from each other!

3. You must value role-playing. Have a character with a backstory you've always wanted to play? Have a world you want to play in? How about a world you built that you'd like someone to play in? This is how. This means becoming invested in your character, the world, and the characters in it. This likely does not lend itself to an AL-type game: Combat and exploration should be approached as a dramatic element rather than strictly a meat grinder or a dungeon crawl. As such, be comfortable with the idea of some homebrew to realize a character concept or hand-waving of rules to facilitate a good story.

4. You should have consistent posting rates. I'm looking for someone interested in a faster-paced PBP—preferably in the region of two-to-three times a week per person. This isn't a hard rule—life often does get in the way—but entering with this understanding is important to meet expectations. For reference, I've averaged .88 posts a day (split across concurrent games) since I joined MW, and I have found that pace manageable despite a busy schedule. Posting shouldn't feel like a chore, but something you want to devote energy to and make time for.

This is one major advantage I enjoy about single-player campaigns: Posting turnaround is fast and investment is high! If the DM posted, you're up next to bat. If you posted, the DM's up. You aren't waiting for 3-5 other people to post over the course of a week or more.

Please consider downloading Discord if you haven’t. It’s a great tool that really facilitates the quick posting rates I’m looking for.

That's it! If you prize those four values, I'd really like to explore working with you. Newcomers to PBP are welcome to apply! Please check out the game forum to learn more about the type of writer/player I am and see if we can be a good match if you want to apply. There's no hard and fast end-date for this application period, as there will be a lot of back-and-forth to find a match, but please consider introducing yourself soon. Let me know what interests you about this, and what kind of games you'd like to play.

Let's hope this experiment works out! I hope to hear from some of you.