Elesar Online: New World

SummaryThis is an isekai game about players waking up as their characters one day shortly after the launch of the newest expansion to the popular MMO Elesar Online. The expansion was meant to be one focused on exploration and players settling a newfound continent. The game still has all the trappings of a game, including dungeons, raids, a crafting system, HUD, and respawning. The game world is highly inspired by Log Horizon, so it carries many of the same elements.

Character BuildingMore detailed rules can be found here, but the short version is this is starting at level 5 gestalt, using both (Paizo first party) Pathfinder material and the Final Fantasy d20 conversion. This does include the more modern and exotic weapon choices (gunblades, buster swords etc), but not some of the modern tech items like smartphones. The base tech level is at steampunk, but player innovation can certainly push that further.

PlayersThe goal is for this to be a player-driven world. I'm not setting a set number of players I'm taking, because I will more or less take anyone who is interested and makes a character. (Yes, I'm that kind of crazy. I do better at running larger games than small ones). What will the game be like? Well, if you as a player are wanting to do dungeon crawls or raid bosses, that's what you can do. If you want to be a merchant lord, that's also an option. People are welcome to form their own parties, or be grouped together as needed.

On my end, I'm not promising to get more than three to four posts per sub-group per week, but should be able to get up to one per day per group at times. If you post that fast, great. If not, also great. Your story in the game will progress at whatever pace works for you.

ApplicationThe character creation thread details the information you need. Essentially it is mechanics of the character and backstory of the player. The application period is open until December 1, though this is a soft deadline. Once a decent number of people are done with their characters, some RP will be set up and the game will get rolling.