Waterdeep dragonheist

Waterdeep: Dragon Heist is a treasure hunt set against an urban backdrop. The adventure’s plot can be summarized as follows:
Half a million gold coins are hidden somewhere in Waterdeep. Many individuals know about the cache and are looking for it. Adventurers can join the hunt and prevent the cache from falling into evil hands.
The city is threatened by escalating tension between two power groups that is on the verge of flaring into violence. The Zhentarim, a shadowy network of mercenaries, and Xanathar, the beholder crime lord of Waterdeep, are at odds, and when they clash, the characters are pulled into the conflict.

Characters start at level one roll 4d6 take the lowest. you may also use 27 point buy. Only the players handbook. Xanathars and revised rangers from UA are allowed I may allow monstrous races but players should have a good story hook for doing so. A free feat can be added to any character Humans only receive one but you can use the Variant way to add ability scores. All backgrounds are usable please include features and proficients in your post. A backstory should be about a paragraph or two.

I will create a feedback folder for constructive criticism as a new DM I would like feedback as to what you would want to happen.

We will be starting at the Yawning portal as adventures that already know each other. Please indicate what guild or faction your character would be interested in joining. Guilds are listed in the Guilds folder. If Joining a the Xanthar , Bregan , Zhentarim Guild please include why you would work with a potentially good party and a good backstory.
I will be using the Winter season but may not be following the exact module as needed.

Posts should be about once a day not including weekends as needed. I will include a tavern to roll-play characters this will be used to indicate what group will work well together. Deadline is December 22nd game will likely pick up after the holidays.