T1 - The Village of Hommlet

Adventure: Classic module T1 - The Village of Hommlet
For this I will be using the stand alone module T1. This is not the super module, no Temple of Elemental Evil. The premise of the module will stay intact but there will be sufficient modifications to make the adventure interesting even if you have been through it a dozen times.

System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition
Level: 1st
World: Greyhawk
Year: 579 CY
Posting Rate: 2 per week minimum. I will probably not post more than once per day even if everyone is in.
# of Players: ??? I don't know yet.
The ad will close in three weeks or once we go three or four days with no interest.

List of House Rules
Dice Rolling Thread

1. Go to the Dice Rolling Thread
2. Roll dice for attributes, hit points and gold in one post.
3. Fill out an AD&D character sheet.
4. In the description area of your character sheet include a physical description and a brief background that ties your character to the central Flanaess, remember you are first level and have done nothing of note so a paragraph should suffice.
5. I prefer a well written physical description with no picture, but if you have a picture you absolutely have to use put it in the character portrait area of your sheet not in your post.
6. In the same post you rolled stats, type your character's name and link it to the character sheet.
7. Do not provide any additional formatting or information outside of your character sheet.