AL/Non-AL Blended 5E Game

Welcome adventurers! I, Popestar, your humble host, invite you inside to take a gander at my latest attempt to run a game here on the weave. And my next attempt, that I hope to run to completion is Dungeon of the Mad Mage!

I'll keep this short, as I'm sure you all want to run off and check out the character creation rules (right here) and get character threads up (right here). To be frank and to the point, I'm looking for a group of 5(ish) players who want to take a crack at the 5E version of Undermountain. Starting at 5th level, and winding through the dungeon, vanquishing foes and finding the lost and pocketing all kinds of coin and magic.

I'll state that this is a blend of AL and non-AL rules. There are things about AL that I like, and things about AL that I don't. This game is an attempt to blend those rules and get down to why we all game in the first place: to have fun!

I'll leave it at that for now. Apps are open until either 12/21 OR I get 15 completed apps. To be fair, I've already got 1 seat guaranteed to someone, so I'm only taking 4 more at this point.

What are you waiting for? Get to creating those characters! Chop, chop!