Wanted: New Kindred for Modern Nights (V5)


Rules System: Vampire the Masquerade, 5th Edition
Style: Heavy Roleplay, Personal Horror, Sandbox-esque

Plot Hook: Gary, Indiana, like many Midwestern cities, is in its death throes. Just a blighted, nearly-abandoned dump on Lake Michigan, not far from Chicago. No one is there that wasn't born there, and no one moves in unless they have no other choice. You find yourself in one of these unfortunate groups, which is just about the worst possible situation a vampire can find themselves in these modern nights.

But with a little help from a rag-tag coterie of other unfortunate Licks, you might just have a shot at getting out of this dumpster fire of a town and on to the Big City.

Vampire the Masquerade: Vampire the Masquerade is a game of personal horror, violence, and the politics of the night. It's Chronicles deal with the descent into darkness and the struggle to maintain oneself. The 5th Edition, if anything, emphasizes these themes. Players should be comfortable with these and other mature themeswhen applying.
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About the Game

Application Deadline: December 21st, 2018

Posting Guidelines: 2 posts a week from everyone is ideal. I generally don't post on weekends, and live in the UK so am currently on BST (or GMT otherwise). Your posts should include an ongoing stat block, which is included in the Character Creation process. I don't make requirements for length of your posts, but remember that every post is your chance to effect or push forward the story of the game!

Number of wanted players: 3-5

Miscellanea: Our tale will start in good ol' Gary, with Chicago in the coterie's sights.

With any game, I encourage people to be courteous in their discourse and open about their needs or wants. We all have stories we want to tell, and I take a collaborative approach to that end. Goes without saying that as GM, I have final say on what goes for the chronicle. Any questions, please post below or over in the OOC thread on the forum.

About the GM

I've playing and running games on and off for twenty plus years now. I've ran Vampire the Masquerade 20th Edition, played in many other World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness games. Plenty of D&D sprinkled in there and a lot of Fate. I'm a big fan of Vampire and am looking forward to running V5 for the first time.