The worlds largest dungeon!!!!!!

Let us make this clear and simple This is a dungeon crawl, through the dead remains of the God of Macabre Entertainment, whose flesh has turned into a large dungeon, and blood and bones into the most dangerous things to have been known.

You, are a creation, a being known as a Pawn

You are the stolen soul by being of powers , be thay gods or strong ancient beings, you have been forced and crammed into a creation of their choice, you are mearly a toy to them , entertainment to pass on the long exssistance of being alive forever.

If you survive and win the game, you have the chance of becoming a demi-god. If you die, die.

These are the Links you will need
Setting Info
Rules and Character Creation Info
Your Creation

Things that you should note that are different from other games

You get a free +1 LA to choose something other than human and have some fun in variability.
We will be using Chess influenced battle calling., Look at rules for clarification.
You are going to die, but when?