Seattle's Finest

Art Credit Cyberpunk 2077

A Hush Over Bellevue

There's a hush over the normally idyllic landscape of Bellevue. Where normally people would be out for a jog, shopping, or peddling wares, the pitter-patter of rain has called that to a halt.

Though, the flashing lights of Join Task Force Seattle's armored vehicles likely don't help. Your squad, along with two others, are positioned outside of a known Hellhound haunt. Inside, you suspect all kinds of unsavory activity. You're not sure if they know you're there, but the hush over the district is telling.

Knight Errant wasn't happy with General Darcy's decision to overrule them and let your squad take on the Hellhounds - normally that's Knight Errant's job - but hey, if JTF-S wants to throw their men and women into the meat grinder, so be it. Your commlink crackles in your ear, the signal distorted by the rain and whatever crappy tech Hellhound is using. "Breach on my mark. Three. Two. One. Mark."

Breach and clear. Simple. Easy, for professional soldiers.

Except when megacorps are involved, it's never that simple. Hope you didn't like that SIN too much. You'll be burning it real, real soon. Embrace the suck and welcome to the shadows, Chummer.

About The Game

Seattle's Finest is a Shadowrun 4th Anniversary Edition game set in Seattle. The player characters will start out knowing one another and having worked together in the past as part of a squad in Joint Task Force Seattle. In an unfortunate turn of fate, a seemingly routine gang bust goes wrong, putting the formerly upstanding agents on the wrong side of the law and forced to turn to less savory means to survive and redeem themselves.

The game is intended to be a Brown Business Suit game. If you're not sure what that means, check out Miss's Shadowrun Tone Guide, found here: Click Me! Effectively, I intend for there to be moments of levity mixed in with a rather unpleasant situation around the characters.

I have an introductory storyline that the players will play through, and after that, I am open to the game running longer but make no promises. I will try to lay hooks to help keep the game rolling beyond the introduction, but I'm perfectly happy if this is a short and sweet tale of redemption.

How To Apply

So, all of this is exciting and all well and good, but it's not worth anything if you don't know how to join the game!

The Character Creation rules can be found here: Click Me!

Questions can be asked in this thread: Click Me!

Applications should be posted in the Applications section of the game forum. They and the scores they receive will be public for this game. The Application Judging Criteria can be found here: Click Me!

Please make sure you complete your application as soon as possible. Any application that isn't finished will be automatically disqualified from the game, and I hate doing that to people. The application process will close at 11:59PM Eastern Time, June 7th. Characters will be promptly selected for the game over the following weekend and gameplay will begin on June 10th. This should be enough time for everyone to get in some solid pre-game roleplay and flesh out their characters and make tweaks as needed.

I am looking for 6 players. This number is firm and will not change, even if I get more than 6 excellent applications.

Anything Else?

Hello! I'm Nathan! I'm a humble moderator for the Weave, you may have seen me around here and there.

I expect the posting rate for this game to be approximately once per week. I have life obligations and other obligations to the Weave that prevent me from posting more quickly. As a result, this game won't move very quickly. If that's not quite your speed, sorry, but this probably isn't the game for you.

For this particular game, I would prefer players that are decently well-versed in Shadowrun's lore and the 4th Anniversary edition rules. I'm not looking for rules lawyers (with Shadowrun I know that's easy to do) but I do expect players to be able to hold their own when I ask for combat or skill rolls. Knowledge of Seattle in the Sixth World and owning the Seattle 2072 splatbook, in particular, will be beneficial for players of this game but isn't required.

With Shadowrun, I'm much, much more lenient than normal when it comes to asking for rolls. Combat, especially in Shadowrun, can be a huge pain in the butt on play-by-post so I tend to err on the side of "rule of cool". If it's reasonably within your character's scope and the possibility of failure wouldn't be impactful or relevant to the story, I tend to let it slide. Don't expect every location to have a fully fleshed out Matrix node for you to play with, I play Shadowrun for the story and setting, not the rules. If that all sounds good to you, I'd be happy to have you.

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They're made.