Heroic Tier Game -- Live Roll20 Game -- Rapid Advancement

This is your chance to play a 4e Heroic Campaign in the Forgotten Realms and take one or a few characters from level 1 to level 10 over the course of about 1 year.

We'll play 3-4 hour sessions using teleconferencing + roll20 every 2-4 weeks (schedule to be determined as part of the application process).

Each session will be an isolated vignette from the long story of the characters lives. We will try to wrap up each vingnette during the session (which will mean hand waving a lot of the traditional slow paced parts of games).

Between these sessions we'll role play "downtime" on PbP and you can swap out characters if you want. Expect to level up every 1-3 sessions.

This game is intended to be the antidote to the slow slog of PbP. The structure is encouraged to free us up to unabashedly enjoy the tactical aspect of the 4e system. I might throw in a few skill challenges but my expectation is to mostly do "high point" battle scenes. We can do some light storytelling role play during the down time between sessions but the soul will be on the game board and power deployment tactics.

Note that this was originally conceived to be "flashbacks" into the back stories of the characters in a paragon tier campaign that i'll be running in traditional PbP fashion at the same time (in our world) and in the same story universe as our campaign. If you are up for participating in that campaign as well you are more than welcome. In fact you would make me very very happy. Check out the paragon tier ad.

Anyway -- that's the idea. If it is interesting please put your hat in the ring!

Applications go in the Heroic Tier Life Application Thread Group. Check in, chat OOC, and ask any questions you might have in the application question thread.