A Companions Tale

Hi All,

Companions Tale is a game in which four players create the legend of a Hero through the lens of the Archetypal Figures (The Mentor, The Lover, etc) that they encounter during their quest. Players also act as the cartographers, lorekeepers, and gossipmongers of the world with the idea being that over the course of play a world will be created and an epic story told.

IRL, it has a run-time of about 2 hours and, although this will be the first time I'm trying it, I think it should translate very nicely to a PbP format. So if you are looking for a pretty short experience with a fun worldbuilding game, this might be just right for you!

I'm looking for two more players at the moment, but if there's sufficient interest, I might be willing to start multiple games.

See the links below for more information. The first is a link to the kickstarter, the second to an actual play of the game.