The tale of the heroes that saved Eurona

Setting info

  • Red dots=capitol of nation/country
  • black dots=cities
  • blue dots= towns

Our heroes will start in westernmost city in the seafaring country of Andiahl. From there they will make their way towards the southwestern-most city of Orres. The players will either have never been to Orres or will be returning after some time in andiahl.

Places and information:
Eurona is an ancient continent who was once ruled by an ancient and powerful civilization. They were a mix of dwarves humans and elves. This race was called the Augmenters. We named them that because they used powerful crystals Eurona has as a very abundant and natural resource to power their technologies, cities, and even themselves. They would augment themselves to live for hundreds of thousands of years and grew to be a nearly all-knowing race. However they were wiped out when they pushed the limits of their science and magic too far. One among them learned how to ascend to godhood and was looking to push even beyond that limit. The other gods didn't see kindly to this and The augmenters were wiped out by the gods. Atleast thats how the stories go, nobody is really sure and the few that do know this story or anything at all about the Augmenters dont know much or cant tell what is truth from fiction. Now nobody knows what happened to the augmentors as they have all but faded with time. The one thing they left behind that wasnt destroyed was the warforged. Who have continued to die and rebuild other warforged to keep their race alive. None have lived longer than a 1,000 years or two. Long after the augmenters demise, Three major nations popped. Orres (founded by humans), Pas Elfira (founded by the Elven Alliance), and Zwergland (founded by the dwarves). They were followed by Drakros which was founded by the Dragonborn, then came Strauria. A nation of half-elves founded by Dwarves and Elves who wanted to be free from social expectations of their own countries.

I hope to see many interesting heroes to choose from. Goodluck to all.