Down the River

A demon worshiping the chained god.

Character Creation:
Character Level: 1, (ecl 1)
Race: any
Class: any (including generic classes)
HP: max
Ability Scores: 32 point buy
Sources: Any
Traits and Flaws: 2 of each if wanted
Psionic/Magic Transparency: Limited
Social Class: refugee
"Welcome to the City of Stars, if you are needing food and lodging please see Madam Irma, she's handling all the refugees." Says the dock master as he greets you with a smile. "You can find her right across the street" he adds pointing past some guards and what looks to be a merchant's wagon.
solo content to most likely follow.....
players can choose to be an enlightened member of the brotherhood, a captain of the guard, a villainous thief, a greedy merchant, or even a master craftsmen all while leveling their typically chosen classes. *do note, you will not start off with these options!

Im looking for 3 characters to start with. Also, a quick note about my posting ability, Im currently DM'ing 2 games which will take up most of my time here on the weave but I'm pretty sure I can handle a couple more people, I'll probably post like once or twice over the course of a few days, so feel free to hop in and enjoy.