Fight for the future of Cybertron

The Great War draws to a close...and the Autobots have lost. But in their ambition, the Decepticons have so grievously wounded Cybertron that the planet is entering lifeless dormancy for millions of years. Now all must find new sources of precious Energon or flee the planet. You, part of the brave resistance fighting Decepticon rule to the last, must search the secrets hidden within Cybertron itself, lost to the decay of Cybertronian civilization and the ravages of war, and find a way to escape.

This game uses Mutants & Masterminds 3E for its rules, but you don't need any experience with the game to join. Just a familiarity with Transformers (or a willingness to dive into one of the coolest sci-fi universes around) is necessary. For those familiar with M&M 3E, this will start as a 150-point PL-free game and we'll go from there. This takes place directly after the events of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, with your characters hiding out on a war-torn Cybertron and trying to find a way to escape.

Number of Players: Unsure, will see how much interest there is. If I get too big a group and lose no one to attrition, I'll just recruit another GM or something.
Applications Closing: Will stay open until we have a full crew.
Characters: 150 points, no PL, see character creation thread