Go Heeled - Mini 6 and Six Guns

"It's yer business WHY you came to Ute Creek but you mind IT or I'll stretch yer neck." The man talking was tall lean and hard. His face as devoid of emotion as the gambler that had just cheated you out of the last of your grub stake. The edge of the silver star becomes visible as he pulls his long black coat off his hip to allow his left hand to rest threateningly on the walnut grips of a well used Colt Peacemaker.

Go Heeled is a pure Cinematic Western sandbox using the free to download Mini Six rules by AntiPaladin Games. MiniSix has about 10 pages of actual rules. Mini Six is a rules lite set of the openD6 system originally used in WEG Star Wars rules. The rule set should provide for fast action when action is called for and stay out of the way for role playing.

Characters are new arrivals to the town of Ute Creek Colorado in 1876. Where gold has just been discovered. You will fill the roles of miners, cowhands, lawmen, outlaws, gamblers, or any other Western character archetype. Each character will have his own storyline. The storylines will cross or collide frequently but the individual stories will be the focus. My style for westerns is usually fast paced and bloody. Expect casualties!

I would like frequent posters three times a week or so. I am starting with 6 players but with the open nature of the game may accept more depending on what I can handle. To apply create a character and give me a paragraph or so of background in this ad. Setting specific rules can be found in the game forum. Players will start on acceptance. The game will continue as long as there is one player interested in continuing.