Tempest - A Clash of Magic

Magic isn't hiding. It's railing against the prison of time like a crazed lunatic, and what's worse, is it's escaping.

Ancient families are seeing the return of their power. Old artifacts now thrum with new vigor. And creatures unseen for centuries or even millennia are walking in broad daylight.

The world of magic and mystery is starting to return to the modern earth. And the modern earth isn't ready for it. Those without magical talent, the sad majority of humanity, cannot see, understand, or remember their encounters with it. But magic is dangerous and growing. So those who have no idea of the newfound dangers in their midst need protection against it.

Those who can't defend themselves, those who don't even know that they need to be defended, those that are alone in the dark, now have protectors. The Special Investigations Unit is a new squad built for a world of emerging magic. Drawn from various backgrounds and extensive types of training these individuals step forward to protect civilians from the chaos of magic.

Who are you? And why have you joined the SIU?

System: Mutants and Masterminds 3e with some rule modifications

Power Level: PL 10 with 120 power points.

Magic in this Setting: Each character is allowed to have access to two elements. One must be spirit. The other can be Fire, Wind, Water, or Earth. Spirit allows for the interaction and memory of magically inclined beings. Those without spirit magic cannot remember encounters with magical creatures or objects. And will instead fill in the gaps of their memory with 'probable excuses' such as a gas explosion, or terrorist attack. The other elements allows for the manipulation and work of the element. A mixture of Spirit and the Element of choice allows for a variety of magical types and styles.

Setting The setting for this game is a modern day coastal city in the United States called Emerald Bay. Emerald Bay has several large parks, a thriving city center and a growing population. It also has a large crime rate and several dilapidated neighborhoods.

References: Dresden Files, Avatar: The last Airbender, Kaze No Stigma