Star Was: Scoundrels (got room for 1 more space pirate!)

I'm only allowing max of 1 Force User & that spot is still open!

Got a couple awesome alternative concept ideas on the Group OOC (Cantina) also! Including a bald Woomie named Grozjow or a hybridization concept between one of the worm aliens from Men in Black taking the place of The Krang riding inside the powersuit (similar to in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concept).

Or come up with your own Star Wars character concept based on the Star Wars universe concept. See game forum for linked Resources.

Not much time left before we launch the game so hurry up.

GURPS 4th edition rules & some House Rules
350 point total
-100 disads, plus -5 Quirks
Split TL (Base of TL10, but armor at TL9, weapons TL11, but pending GM approvals)
Taboos: No armor over DR50, only force users can have lightsabers or force swords.
Questions? Just ask in Apps or recruiting on game forum.