Seeking Warriors of Great Valor: For Honor

Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

Seeking 5-7 dedicated players who can post twice daily. I will Update the game at 12:00PM PST and periodically throughout the day.

This is a game for the more martially inclined characters. If you want to be in the face of your enemy, bathing in their blood as you gain honor and glory, look no further. This is the game for you. Warrior, Rogue, and Mage.

The Free Rules Here - get all of them

You will be Cantrefi, landed freeborn, in a fantasy land loosely based on Medieval Wales. Very Loosely. Don't let the setting limit your choice, if somehow you're a samurai or a ninja - not a problem. Bear in mind, I plan on having mass engagements though - so choosing to play an assassin is a very high risk profession. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.

In a world torn by endless war, will you rise above the tide of steel and blood and rise a champion? Or die like so many pretenders?

A few expectations:
Expect to miss a lot, or even on a hit simply not damage your enemy. I wanted to capture the very real essence of why maille clad warriors ruled on the battlefield. I want to know how you recover from failure - it is what makes a hero. When a 1 is rolled its not that you're incompetent, you simply misjudged your strike, or conversely where outplayed. This needs to be a theme, because you as heroes in this game, are vastly superior to the average bandit.

Expect to fail forward. You will most likely die from exhaustion, or infection, not combat. It should be attrition that makes you fear for death - not combat. Luck is a tragic killer.

Magic is evil, period. If you are a magic user, so are you, or you're at least succumbing to darkness. This isn't a ban on magic - its a role playing limitation.

As always, my games have a 0 tolerance policy for bullying.

Deus Vult!