Bloodlines: The Aftermath

Los Angeles, 2018

One year ago, Los Angeles's already-miserable sense of security was shaken even further, when the upper floors of Venture tower exploded in the dead of night. Police ruled it a terrorist attack --the second within a week-- but rumors say that people saw a large, bat-like creature circling the top of the tower before the explosion. But the official story is that that's all poppycock.

Of course, there was a bat, what the supernatural elements of the city call the "Chiropteran Behemoth." Or, more commonly, "the former Sheriff." One year ago, a fledgling vampire who was unusually competent rocked the supernatural world, when she, essentially, wiped out the leaders of most of the supernatural factions in the city, without supporting any of them.

The resulting power vacuum destabilized the local community, and as a result, things quieted down quite a bit in the city, after the detonation of Venture Tower. But just under the surface, tensions run high. With no faction rising to the top, and everyone acutely aware that a fledgling caused the current state, new Embraces have slowed to a crawl, even among the Sabbat, and no one trusts those that are Embraced.

So, of course, you had to have the bad luck to be Embraced now, right?


Hello! I'm a first-time ST, looking for a few players for a Vampire the Masquerade, 20th Anniversary Edition game.

The game is set in Los Angeles, following the events of the Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines video game, specifically the Independent Ending, where (spoiler alert) the fledgling Player Character kills or causes the Final Deaths of most of the city's Kindred leaders.

Players take on the roles of newly Embraced vampires, dropped into LA with minimal to no proper education beyond "You eat blood now so don't starve to death." This is a game where you got shafted, and no one likes you or trusts you.

This is a game where the Masquerade is a big deal. This is a game where the World of Darkness is dark, even for the people who live in that darkness. This is a player-driven, sandbox game, where the PCs are encouraged to set their own goals and work towards them.

This is a game where the world won't go easy on you. If you get in a shootout in the streets, you can expect a heavily-armed SWAT team to show up. You might be a vampire but a vampire is going to have trouble with 10 or 15 officers, just from sheer numbers. If you Frenzy while hunting, and people see you, rumors will start to spread, and other Kindred will hear of your misdeeds.

And if you draw too much attention, the Society of Leopold might even make their own efforts to stop the dangerous monsters in their midst.

But if you play your cards right, plan ahead, work towards your goals, and (most importantly) keep me having fun, you might have a chance at making it through these difficult nights.

As a side note, there is one player, Gris, who requested a game of this style, so he has a slot. Besides Gris, I'll be taking four applicants.