Fires in the Night, The Torches of War

Ability Scores: This Game will use the 25 point system for your character stats.

Races: All Core Races are allowed and with my approval other races as well (including your own that you may have made so long as you can provide me with the details of the race.)

Player Count: we can start with at least 3 players however I have run campaigns with upto in excess of 20 players so I am okay with many more then normal. (However only one per person)

Class Options: Classes available in the following books are acceptable no others without DM approval (this includes your home made classes)
Core Rulebook, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Combat, Ultimate Magic, Pathfinder Unchained

Starting Gold: You will be starting with the starting gold of a 3rd level character which is 3000 Gold Pieces. the only possible change to this is through some story traits that may alter your gold like that you may have been a noble in Gillamoor before it was burned leaving you with nothing. (this includes the rank you held within the Molthune Army as they would have stripped it from you for your failing to prevent the burning of Gillamoor)

Traits / Archetypes: You can choose archetypes if you would like as for traits you can have two but you are required to take a drawback

Skills: Skills work as they are presented in the Core Rulebook or whichever book happens to hold your class info and tables etc. the only exception to this is the Background Skills which are in play for this campaign setting if you need to read up on what background skills are and how that system works please defer to the link provided.

Additional Rules:
initiative is done on an individual basis.

The Exp track for this Campaign is Medium track so that means at 3rd level your current exp on your sheets is 5,000 please make sure to add this to your character sheets.

Level for the characters starts at 3rd or lower and backstory for the characters are welcome as they will have class levels so better understanding how they gained those 3 or lower levels would be good such as maybe you tried to be an adventurer and after some trouble instead chose a peaceful life or tried to before the burning.
Also Kingdom building rules will be in play but to a monitored degree as you do exist in a pre-established nation.however if the players do decide to work together to attempt to secede from Molthune that is an entirely possible route the story could go in

I am also adding a Link here to an example of what your character sheet can be, you are not required to use this sheet but there is a lot of information on it that is relevant to the game so you should at least defer to it for organizing your own if you need to just shoot me a pm me and I will add you to the view group when I can so you can examine it. Example Character Sheet this is a character I rolled up for a friends campaign so I had to translate it from paper sheet to the form on the site so there will be differences like this character is 5th level so just disregard those please. I also did not finish filling it out all of the way but the things I left I hope should be fairly self explanatory.

Gillamoor has burned and its residents have been scattered to the far ends of the nation to try and rebuild their lives.
You are one of these people whose life has been uprooted by this tragedy and in the chaos are left with only that which you could pack into your pack before the inferno enveloped your own home. you find yourself in Dawsbury the nearest sister village to your beloved Gillamoor and hopefully your new home. there are many people familiar from your home looking to make a life here. (Such as the other PC's) Whether you will rise from the ashes of Gillamoor or be just another ember whose fire will soon burn out is yet to be seen. Dawsbury itself is a shore village on the Southern end of the Super Lake Encarthan and has been recently suffering troubles of it's own with people going missing on the waters and a mysterious sickness infecting the young children of Dawsbury. All of this is secondary to the larger issue at hand which is the long standing war between Molthune and Nirmathas that has claimed many lives in the region and some suspect caused the destruction of your beloved Gillamoor inadvertently.

You first find yourself spending a few days resting upon your arrival in town at the Cracked Tankard Inn and then the choice is yours, much needs doing to make Dawsbury a good new home for you and others like you. What role will you play in Dawsbury I wonder?

I Should also notate that the story may seem somewhat sparse but it is also important to note that the way I handle my story telling is very reactive in nature, so if you see this and are concerned that it doesn't seem like you would know what to do in this game then don't worry. I try to design the narrative to accommodate the characters and the classes they represent as well, as allow for my story to be flexible around the things my players would like to try and do. too many times have I been playing and it would seem like the DM would have spent so much time designing this big elaborate literative machine of events only for someone to side swipe his feet out from under him with this idea that is completely possible for their character to execute that completely circumvents all the DM's scheming and work which then leads to a DM meltdown where they just stop everything the players want to do completely hamstringing them in the process.

So long story short until the characters are submitted and ready the story may seem sparse. Please don't worry and know that I promise you will enjoy the story. Also another side note is that I don't want to employ a character application deadline at least until I see enough characters to start the campaign but even then if you want to join a ways down the road and this games been running for awhile feel free to message me and I may be able to work something out no worries.

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