Night Below

Hello, I'm Morphling and I'm excited to present to you my Night Below campaign, an old 2e Dungeons and Dragons module that I'm converting to GURPS Dungeon Fantasy. You'll start at 125 points and hopefully by the games conclusion, be much more powerful and wealthy. Those who are familiar with Night Below should be able to keep spoilers to themselves if they choose to apply, and refrain from using any metagame knowledge.

The campaign: Gritty, lethal, and high challenge. Enemies will punish your mistakes and exploit your weaknesses, whether intentionally or not. Some measure of power-gaming will be required when making your character, but don't go overboard.

The setting: A generic low fantasy world. The world was once inhabited by a race of enigmatic beings known as The Masters, who were the creators of humanity and the other races. For millennia they ruled the world atop their floating cities, and even the mightiest of dragons bowed to them. However, The Masters vanished, their cities crashed to the earth, and they left behind nothing but their ruins. Now the world's races must find their place as they begin to carve out kingdoms and empires, while groups of delvers explore the ruins of the Masters to find valuable artifacts.

The players: Young adventurers. Regardless of their age, they're new at this, and they may have never set foot in a dungeon in their life. If they have, it was probably with the guidance of more seasoned veterans. The group will start out being familiar with each other, having decided to band together for protection and profit. The 125 point templates in Dungeon Fantasy 15 - Henchmen are recommended, if you don't use a template, you should at least browse them for ideas.

The nitty gritty:
- 125 point characters, with up to -50 points in disadvantages and up to -5 points in quirks. Maximum 5 perks, and no more than 1 combat perk for every 20 points devoted to combat skills.
- All Dungeon Fantasy races are allowed, no exceptions.
- Books: Base set, all Dungeon Fantasy supplements, and GURPS Magic. Martial arts and Low Tech can be used for weapons, but no optional rules.
- Sheet: I strongly recommend downloading this beautiful app and creating your character on it, and then copying the sheet to pdf and posting it on your application thread. This minimizes the chance for errors when doing character calculations.

Applications: A complete character sheet, as well as descriptions of your character's appearance, personality, and backstory. Despite this being a published model, you are allowed to include plot hooks and if they're good I may incorporate them into the campaign. Furthermore, don't spend too much time on the write up, after all you might end up falling into a spiked pit trap and dying two weeks into the game.

I will be accepting 4-6 players. Applications will close on June 20th.