Ravenloft: The Mordent Free Associates need you!

I should have known better. I am Jacob Kurtz head of the Associates. We call ourselves Associates mainly to sound bigger than we are. We are mainly involved in rescues, information raids, espionage and the occasional assassination. We are picky about the jobs we choose. We do not do things just for money, they have to be intended to do harm to those we feel deserve it. We donít target innocent people nor do we steal from them.

I come from a city called Chicago in nation called the United States on planet Earth. There are few people in this mist covered hell that are from there. I heard there is some town somewhere that is from Italy but from a different time than mine. According to the stories I have been told there are few people other than kids living there. When I was back in the States I would never have believed it, but here I am not so sure.

I was in France beating back the Krauts when a big cloud of smoke covered me and suddenly there was no sign of my unit, sound of artillary and no sound of battle. I didnít mind missing the last two but I had a few buddies in my unit that stuck with me through thick and thin.

I noticed that the countryside had no craters, no smell of death and no scream of shells. The countryside was pretty enough but it didnít look like the French countryside I just left but looked more like Great Britain. I eventually stumbled upon what looked to me like a quaint English Village. I went up to one of the villagers and said ďWhere am I?Ē and he replied in a language I didnít recognize, it wasnít English or French or German. Over time I learned the language while I worked odd jobs here and there and found out that it was called Mordent.

None of you know what I am talking about but it feels good to talk about it. Earth is quite different from here. The technology here is centuries out of date here but magic is far more developed