Shattered Divinity : Godbound Recruitment

"Godbound is a game of divine heroes in a broken world, men and women who have seized the tools that have slipped from an absent God's hands. Bound by seeming chance to the Words of Creation, these new-forged titans face a world ravaged by the mad ambitions of men and the cruel legacy of human folly. Their foes are many: the jealous parasite gods that suck at the wounds of the world, the furious Angelic Host that once held Heaven against the armies of men, and the endless legions of sorcerers, god-monsters, mortal tyrants, and eldritch relics that scourge the shattered realms. The Godbound stand against these horrors, determined to forge a better world from the fragments of the old. Still, not all these newborn divinities have a hero's soul, and some nurture red dreams of glory and unfettered rule. Will you be a merciful god to your people, or will you make them dread your holy name?"

What am I joining? So Godbound is an amazing system by Sine Nomine Publishing, also known for their amazing Stars Without Number sci-fi game ruleset that I pray Ill be able to play one of these days. Godbound is a great system that allows you to basically play budding demi-gods evolving into full blown godhood. If you're signing up for this campaign then you're agreeing to take a very active part in building a story with the other players and myself. Godbound is incredibly PC driven. When you wield the powers of a deity at level one, its hard to stop you from doing essentially what you want. So making goals and pursuing them is a huge part of what this game will become. It will essentially span a massive section of the world in all likelihood. This wont be like Pathfinder where the entirety of the adventure takes place within a single discrete country, you'll likely all be from very different backgrounds with different goals. To help try and center the start somewhere reasonable I've picked the game to start in the Oasis States, a relatively central desert empire. You are not required to know a ton about the backstory although if you wish to work out details and ask questions I encourage you to do so in the OOC. For anyone familiar with the system I will be using a very self-modified version of setting provided in the game's rule set, countries and generalities will be the same but I have some twists I've put on things that I felt could be interesting to explore, I'm also open to the players helping shape some of the details of the world at large. Finally I will happily accept works from the Lexicon of the Throne though some of the more high-tech words are rather out of place in our setting.

Im interested! What do I do now? So basically I need you to familiarize yourself with the system via the links and submit to me a character. Building your character is super important, your character is going to be a huge part of what this entire world revolves around so I would love to see some characters that really feel alive. I don't need a 10 page backstory but I would like a bit of info about why they are the deity they are. The Words are suppose to be extensions of who they are as a person, not just a set of cool powers, tell me why those words work for you. And pay special attention to the Facts! Facts are going to see a ton of use in this campaign. A Fact is a core part of your character and will be drawn on in a variety of situations. Filling out a full character sheet is absolutely the least important part of being accepted. Below Ill give a good idea of what I want from you under the Spoiler: Application. I think I will leave this Recruitment up until some time in November unless I see people making a lot of applications through that time. If I feel applications have slowed I reserve the right to simply cut it off whenever I see fit but Ill post an announcement a few days out before any end date and anyone who has made progress creating a character will be allowed a few extra days to finish before selections. Please, if you have any questions, ideas or concerns post them in the OOC or PM me! Im happy to talk about this because its a project I've been thinking about for quite some time.

Vital Links: Free Godbound Rules, Godbound Subreddit & Useful Aids