Mystic Homelands: Lights in the Dark

The Republic of Widda
Capital City of Catha-Raal
The Adventurer's Guild
1961 A.D.W.

Growing up, you had heard stories about this place; The Adventurer's Guild. Run by a mysterious half-elf, legitimized less than 50 years ago, and unique to Widda, it defied labels or explanation. Once the doors were opened, boisterous noise and laughter flooded out into the streets of Catha-Raal from the three story wooden structure, along with the smell of hearty food of every sort, alcohol, and the sting of leather, steel, forgesmoke, acrid chemicals, and even incense. This was the home of the Adventurers; mercenaries for hire whose motivations were as myriad as the stars, but who worked for the betterment of Widda, so long as the money or the fame was good enough. Respected and yet also seen as slightly insane, it was a career that only the foolhardy or suicidal sought as a first choice. Or so some people said. Others thought differently. You might have been one of them.

You walked inside, and took the first fateful steps to fortune or folly...

4-6 Adventurers for Assorted Tasks and Difficulties in and around the Republic of Widda!
Only the dedicated Need Apply!

Character Creation Rules: Here
World Information Here
Player Expectations and DM Compact

-I'm looking for 4 to 6 committed and active players for a homebrew 5th Edition game. Take a look at the world, see if it appeals. If you think you have what it takes, put in an app. You'll see familiar monsters with unfamiliar names, a different pantheon, and lots of opportunities for crazy adventures. Applications will be accepted through December 23rd at 7 P.M. CST: Any applications not finished by that time will be ignored from the final selection process. Due to the sensitive nature of the DM/Private threads, I also will not be accepting any Readers.