A Wuxia tale of vengance.

First some ground rules!

-while I'll not demand you be an expert on kung-fu and wuxia as a whole, some knowledge would certainly be much appreciated.

-Your characters real name is fairly open (foreigners do number among the master's pupils) but all students were given a name to go by when addressing one another and the master, these names are descriptive and often include imagery such as animals, forces of nature and precious materials "Number Ten Ox" might be a name for a strong person who was the tenth child of their parents, or perhaps the tenth best pupil at the time of their naming. "Spider at Dusk" might be so named for their lethal strikes and penchant for hiding in the darker corners of the world. These names could of course then be simplified to "Ox" and "Spider" or "Dusk"

-Evil Characters need not apply, those who join on this journey should do so out of a desire for closure for the master and/or to continue his legacy and expand their own.

-all classes are available
-Characters begin at level 3
-Standard items and background choices as well as starting gold
-Standard 27 point buy
-One small thing that your character uses to center themselves, it might be a mantra, a small memento or a daily routine etc.
-How you met the master/why you joined him, as well as one small anecdote involving an NPC that describes a time your character had to do something that harshly tested them and/or solidified them on the path they now walk, taking place either before their time with the master or after the living pupils scattered.

I am looking for 3-5 characters, this will be quite roleplay heavy but plenty of exploration and combat as well. I will accept submissions until the 16th of January.