Elder Scrolls Battle For Tamriel

"The Gods have not forsaken us, but we have forsaken the Gods! When Daedra first invaded Tamriel, did we submit to their wisdom and give thanks when they delivered us from evil? No! Instead, we believed the lies fed to us by those in power, those who caused the problems in the first place. Men and Mer should not worship crowns of gold, scraps of paper, or festering bloodlines. Neither should they allow foul cultists to infect all of Nirn with their evil!"

Lowering her blade, the Imperial woman removed her steel helmet with the other hand. For others it might have been a gesture of camaraderie. A way to present herself without the trappings of rank. For a lieutanent in the Triumphant, it served a different purpose. Metal covered the left half of her face, but sunken flesh showed the terrifying injury underneath. An that once belonged to some Dwemer monstrosity dropped the helm to the ground as she faced the crowd.

"The Empire would have you believe a mortal man defeated one of the Daedric Princes, full in his power! As if it was possible to approach the powers of a god. Those in the Dominion are no better, claiming that some great arcane secret closed the gates. So we lauded these false heroes, while the Eight stood silent." Her audience nodded, clapped, and a some even cheered. A few dozen in number, they consisted of most races in Tamriel, ranging from the brutish Orsimer to the golden skinned Aldmeri.

"They stood silent when the monstrous dragons reappeared, when the vampiric menace spread across these lands, when the dead rose from their graves to terrorize. Only when we needed them did their divine light shine on us, leading us from these darkest hours, empowering the heroes who sought only their own glory. But now they speak. They reveal to us the enemies in our midst and I say they deserve thanks!" A great cheer erupted from the small crowd. Zealotry shined in their eyes and a few licked their lips as if tasting blood in the air.

Eight people were chained behind her, all of varying ages and species. You are among them, your hands and legs manacled. The woman raised her blade and spoke, filling the air with an intense light. Burning your Daedric self emerges. Down the line you can see it happen to the rest, their skin strange shades, horns growing from their heads, odd shadows flickering behind them. A few in the audience screamed in horror, though they sounded more practiced than anything else.

"Thank you may Eight for showing me the correct path! Thank you for revealing to me the true enemy! And thank you for delivering me from this foul evil! Divines be praised!" Her voice reached a crescendo alongside the light. Finally the woman turned to face you. The madness and pleasure in her one eye was only eclipsed by the hatred. In that moment you know two things. One, she was going to kill you. And two, she was going to enjoy it.

Things to Know
Obviously this is an Elder Scrolls Campaign set in a non-canon time. There are a few things to read before you should submit a character.