Rum Punch

Rum Punch

Captain Varossa Lanteri of the Magpie Princess has problems. She’s shot her husband and cocaptain, Warvil Lanteri, then put down a mutiny led by Hyrix Snowfeather (the ship’s former jinx eater and an original member of Warvil’s crew) and barely managed to keep her ship and crew together. But as a result of killing her husband, she has a lead on what she hopes is the plunder of a lifetime—the legendary treasure of Captain Jemma Redclaw. This lead takes the form of one-third of a magic item called the Three Reasons to Live, which Warvil split with comrades of his before he met Varossa. All she needs is to find a way to locate the other two pieces, and she’s sure to gain vast fame and wealth.

Unfortunately for Lanteri, the mutiny has left her ship too damaged and her crew too sparse to risk pursuing the treasure just yet. She needs to repair her ship, resupply, hire more muscle, and prove to her remaining crew that she is totally in command. To make matters worse, Hyrix and some of his allies escaped the mutiny and Lanteri suspects the tengu will be back to make another attempt on her ship.

In the hope of overcoming these issues, Lanteri sailed the Magpie Princess to a hidden cove on Motaku Isle, and took part of the crew and two of the ship’s launches to the nearest port: the town of Lilywhite. As it happens, she arrived during the town’s Rum Punch festival.

The town of Lilywhite is famed for this elaborate celebration, a local religious holiday honoring Cayden Cailean that also commemorates a successful slave escape in Sargava. Travelers come from throughout the Shackles to enjoy the festival, try their hands at various contests, and drink to the honor of the Lucky Drunk. Lanteri is hoping to recruit some strong crew from the visitors in town and spread the word that she’s now the sole captain of the Magpie Princess—as well as to draw out Hyrix so she can deal with him once and for all.

You could be in town for any number of reasons: you could be Shackles natives here for the festival, or you might have been stranded in town or trying to join a pirate crew. Lilywhite is a pirate-friendly settlement constructed around two small islands sitting in the only deep-water cove on Motaku Isle. The sections of Lilywhite away from the mainland are connected to each other and the mainland with numerous wooden bridges. The water in the inner and outer harbors is deep enough that even larger ocean- going vessels can safely dock along the town’s piers.

Serving as a refuge for followers of Cayden Cailean, the town is known for being a bit less cutthroat than most other settlements in the Shackles, and because of this it often attracts those just starting out in their buccaneering careers. Lilywhite has avoided being sacked by ruthless captains who might take the town for an easy mark thanks to a well-known myth: any captain who pillages the town disappears, along with her ship and crew, never to be seen again.