4e paragon tier hybrid game (PbP and planned online gaming table sessions)

Looking for 4-6 players for a 4e dungeons and dragons (yes: square fireballs, daily and encounter powers, standard-move-minor and flanking) game. We'll be mostly focusing on paragon tier but there will be some opportunities to play heroic level as well. See the game description for details.

I do expect a combination of character driven role play and tactical combat.

We don't have a lot of 4e games on the weave right now but a few years ago we had quite a few and it work surprisingly well in PbP format. So, dust off those old books and whip up some characters and lets get some old school tactical combat going.

I like both the slow & steady progression of a PbP game and the much faster progress that you can make with periodic synchronous sessions. With this game I am trying to bring them together. See the description section about flashback encounters for more details.

I am looking for filling all the 4 roles. Beyond that I'm looking for good writing, interesting sounding characters. I will give preference to folks who I have played with in the past and know will be good. But I expect there will some space for new players as well, so don't hesitate to put in a character application.