Enter the Silver Tournament! (Mid-level gestalt, X-Crawl-ish antics)

(Can you tell I'm bad at thinking up advert titles? )

Hello everybody, and welcome to a game that I think can be best described as X-Crawl crossed with a generic 'metahumans appear in the modern world' setting. The PCs will be playing as these metahumans (called 'Augmented' within the setting), and will be taking part in a large, gladiatorial-style tournament (whether for fame, wealth, or just to satisfy their urge to fight) - as well as occasionally getting involved in situations outside the tournament as well.

One thing that I feel I probably ought to make clear from the onset: this is not going to be an arena-style PvP game. The PCs will be working as a team from early on in the game. Nor is it a game where the mechanics of your character, and how many high numbers you can throw at a problem, are the only thing anyone cares about.

If you're still here, the full character creation rules are here. Augmented often have weird powers, so esoteric classes that don't make sense in a fantasy setting are entirely allowed here.

The ad will be open for at least two weeks, and I'm planning on accepting two to three characters, though that may be expanded slightly if there is a barrage of excellent concepts.