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Incantations of Evil

Incantations of Evil

So, I was reading about the crazies again in the newspaper today (not something I usually do, but hey - it's in the smoko room, it's free...), and I saw a radio announcer over there praising Condoleeza Rice. Toward the end, he mentions something similar to 'and having an African-American in such a high role of the government is surely a big coup'. Well, that's what he meant - tongue slipped, 'coup' came out as 'coon'. A second later he was apologising profusely - twenty minutes later the boss comes on the radio to assure people 'there is enough hate', and the man has been sacked.

Bloody crazy. I can't call this 'poltically correct gone too far' - I can think of nothing less to describe it as 'sheer bloody stupidity'. Sacking someone for their tongue slipping? Though it was at the end of a lengthy praise of this women he 'racially slurred'? Though he immediately began apologising, and did so repeatedly? Slip of the tongue is unforgivable (one of the words the boss used), yet stripping someone of their livelihood is not a spiteful act, nor one that would cause more? I suspect next journos will be sacked for any typos, taxi drivers for not knowing every last street of the tens of thousands in their city, ...

While I'm on the subject, 'bloody hell' is an integral part of our language - I can't believe the poms banned 'bloody', and the Canadian 'hell', as too offensive. What's the place coming to when people get so worked up and bloody self-righteous about imagined slights and language? I know I'm harsher in my humour than most here, but I think its probably a lot to do with culture. Being called an idiot here - or calling out to someone with 'hey, c**t' - is as good as any name their parents chose, while it seems in many places it is becoming a call to bloody arms.

This isn't a 'free speech' thing, by the way - it's a 'your all bleeding cuckoo' thing.

Originally Posted by Amadan
calling out to someone with 'hey, c**t' - is as good as any name their parents chose
No. Personally, I find that offensive. In a public place, that kind of language is not acceptable. Well, let me rephrase that - in a shopping centre, street, park, Woolies, etc., it's not acceptable. Anywhere that there might be kids or oldies, no. Basically, for me, f*** and c*** are the limit when you're in public, and c*** is something that I'm not comfortable with no matter the setting - anything else, go right ahead.

As for the rest of it, yeah, it's daft. Banning it on account of the presence of "bloody" or "hell" is utterly ridiculous - especially from the poms, who gave us such gems as Monty Python and the rest of that vein of British humour. "Bloody hell" is offensive, but "Sit on my face" isn't?

I don't use foul language in front of strangers, women, the elderly, or someone that has a gentlemanly air. Those are just names amongst friends/workmates. Just trying to convey an... atmosphere?

i agree... sacking the guy was going far too far. It makes me wonder where the world is going!

It makes me wonder where the world is going!
Think fire. Think brimstone. Think guys who got called "Lucy" in high school.

I have the mouth of a Trucker.. I'm also the Father of two children (3&5).

I pretty good about watching my tounge around them, and when I do slip I immediatly get repremanded by my Kids.

Anyway, I was in the Mall lastweek and it was just a few minutes after the place closed. They have a play yard near the exit and I was waitined there with my Kids as My wife was coimg from the far side of the mall.

A few Teens were on their way out and they decided to jump on the playground for kicks. I had no problem, and thought it was funny as my Son was repremanding them for not removing thier shoes (You're supposed to take them off if you play there).
They were watching thier languages and I had no problem. Well then one of thier friends came up said. Let's go,..Get in the F***ing car.. F this, F that.
One of the Girls said to watch his mouth. He then said he didn't F***ing have too.. Well all 5'6" of me stepped up to this 6' kid and I said
"Yes you do, I would appreciate it if you didn't curse in front of my kids."

I though the kid would go crazy and kick my a**, but I was suprized that he actually stoped and thought for a second and said sorry..

I'm all for saying what ever you want, and I am constantly getting annoyed when I see people consistantly speaking like a trucker in public. If a teen can realize what he is saying is wrong (after a stern Reminder) why can't other people.. Especially adults...

It's one thing to say it on the Radio or TV (I'll just turn the channel) it's another to do it in Public when you see kids....

ANyway, enough of my Rant... You started off about the man with the Coon Comment and I go off about people using cus words.

If Gath ever reads this, I'm sure he'll be curious about your use of the phrase "like a trucker" xD

I swear a lot. I hate the word c**t, hate it with a vengeance, but f**k... no problems. The first is a derogatory, degrading reference to a specific part of a woman's anatomy, whereas the second is pure profanity.

Derogatory? Degrading? Is just slang. Most women have at least one - I try to remind people that it's not really an insult - is a wonderful thing, really.

Yes, it is... I just don't like the particular term. It seems far too vulgar for such a beautiful thing :P


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