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Glaivelock equipment suggestions - two specific problems

Glaivelock equipment suggestions - two specific problems

I've recently put together an 8th-level Glaivelock (Weapon Finesse included), and am eying two specific problems with the build.

A) Spell Resistance. What equipment should I start saving for (or even buy Right Now) to help me get around this?

B) Grappled. If I get grappled, I am entirely screwed. Heck, I'm not even proficient with a decent slashing weapon.

For the second, I have a partially charged wand of Fist of Stone. It may take me two rounds in a grapple to get it out and use it, but once that's done I should be semi-OK against a nonspecialist grappler. It's also a nice backup bludgeoning melee weapon, especially with Weapon Finesse already available.


Assume Supernatural Ability on the Eldritch Blast. What SR?

For grapplers, if you can't FoM, try Combat Reflexes + Close Quarters Fighting. They try, you AoO them, and get a bonus equal to your damage on the check to resist. Glaivelocks hit hard.

Ring of Arcane Might costs 20,000 GP but gives you +1 Caster Level, as does that Ioun Stone that costs 30,000. Expensive, but +2 CL helps with overcoming SR.

If you have access to MIC, I'm pretty sure there were some items in there that will definitely help out against grappling. Swift action teleporting with only a mental command, Immediate action for big boost to your grapple checks, etc.

At level 8 you probably can't afford it (40K), but a Ring of Freedom of Movement would negate any problems you'd have with Grapplers.

A warlock that focuses on using the Eldritch Glaive invocation found in Dragonmagic.

I'd never noticed how good that cloak is. Wow, not a bad deal for only 5,500 GP.


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