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Basically, the players are using skills to create forgeries of I.D.s and personal verification passes, or using hacking skills to loot money from various accounts of different city banks, then covering their tracks with electronic sabotage.

They have very high modifiers, a few feats and on the one hand, I want to applaud them for their planning.

On the other hand...

They're getting way too many goodies and will soon end up overpowered. How can I nudge them into focusing more on other pursuits and not constantly thumbing their nose at the law?

There's always a bigger fish. What happens when the party's attempt gets in the way of someone else's heist?


The government should have someone on their end to deal with criminals, as well. Have the cops track their connection and show up , coming faster each time the party manages to escape until they give up or get caught.

Yea, don't just say it doesn't work, start bumping up difficulties, bring in a task that has a time limit of some sort (with a jucier reward than just being hackers) etc. Make the characters want to continue with the story rather than just sitting around getting stuff.

Originally Posted by Sleet View Post
There's always a bigger fish. What happens when the party's attempt gets in the way of someone else's heist?
Wow, that is a great idea . Not only would it give them a challenge of a different sort, but perhaps be all the motivation they need to recognize that, despite their skills, luck won't hold out forever.

By the way, I have tried the increasing securities thing before. They paid off one of the security consultants .

If it's real world based, then notice that if they loot an account for more than 10K, then the extra money is not insured (thus, the owner of the account may be more than interested in tracking them [and we've already established that they have loads of cash to do it with]).

Their actions definitely would show some kind of pattern, and that's how most pro-criminals get caught. They get away with it until someone figures out the pattern, then they wake up one day to a SWAT team.

Where are they spending all that cash? If it's black market, then someone might realize how much stuff they're buying and get interested: one of their sellers blackmails them, knowing they have the cash; they ask the wrong guy for military grade satalite equipment; the tool they bought had a hidden virus in it...

Not only that, but if they are stealing the money electronicly, then they have to transfer and launder it before they use it; 10K disappears one day, and 3 days later some drug-dealer/fence deposits 7K in a Columbian bank. Hrmmm...

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